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Reference Laboratory & RMCS012

The new Solid Copper multicore audio cable from Reference Laboratory

Reference Laboratory
is proud to announce the launch of RMC-S012, the innovative multi core audio cable designed to be used at recording and mastering studios (for balanced connections) in order to achieve the widest harmonic range of the sonic image and thus the best sound quality in listening.


Reference Laboratory RMC-S012 - Multicore Studio Cable

This multi core balanced cable (12-pair) comes out as the natural evolution of the original single-pair version, the Reference Laboratory microphone cable for Studio applications (RMC-S01) whose superior quality was certified by several audio tests and evidenced by many authoritative testimonies from worldwide notable professionals, as Richard Corsello (Recording Enginer and mixer with Sonny Rollins) and Shantanu Hudlikar (Senior Engineer at YRF Studios Mumbai, India). 

Now you have the same quality with 12 pair stranded conductors in one cable. RMC-S012 cable let you have a complete easy studio wiring, from the control room console to the recording room, where (through the stage box) you can keep on cabling with the single-pair cables RMC-S01. If you are an engineer involved in studio recording and mixing, your commitment is delivering the best audible result in sound recording and reproduction. Your primary goal is to preserve the original harmonics, dynamics and sound quality, and the Reference Laboratory cable RMC-S012 make your job easier and flawless, allowing you to get what we call a "in your face sound (clarity and presence) without being compelled to use signal processing systems (often ineffective and destructive) for enancing/restoring dynamics and harmonics which were lost in the chain.

Download the tech sheet (pdf) Face to Face with Shantanu Hudlikar, Senior Engineer @ YRF Studios

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