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Home Studio  Pack (cover web)
Reference Home Studio Cable Pack 
(part two: selected accessories)


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So, starting from a basic Home Studio Pack, what are the margins for improving audio signal performance in a home studio recording?

Here at Reference Laboratory we believe that other details must be taken into consideration and tested, such as certain accessories related to the musical instruments involved.

RIC-T01 (twin) Reference cable Some examples follow:

In the case of an instrument signal, if it is a (stereo) electronic keyboard we suggest two:
  • a twin RIC-T01 Reference cable (Left)
  • two single RIC-01 bk cables. (Right) 
    This solution is also advisable for connecting a typical MIDI expander

Both options with lengths that can vary between 50 and 100 cm.

RIC-01 blk Reference cable
RIC-01A Reference cable





Other cables for specific requirements:
  • for an acoustic instrument with a piezo pick-up, we suggest using our RIC-01A (Left), the Reference cable with the greatest conductor efficiency.
  • for a typically Rock music style, we suggest the RIC-S01R cable (Right), which has always been appreciated for the remarkable contribution it makes to the final audio signal.
  • for maximum performance as far as quality and sensitivity are concerned, and with professional recording studios in mind, we designed the RIC-S01 blk (Left).
  • to connect a semi-acoustic/electro-acoustic guitar to its amp (normally a valve model), the solution is a UJazz cable (Right), ideal for noise cancellation on the line and positively judged by successful pros.
RIC-S01R Reference cable






RIC-S01 blk Reference cable UJAZZ Reference Cable



S-Pop Grip  Sabra-Som. Leggi la scheda ufficiale...

3) On the other hand, on the subject of microphone signals, we believe the details to be taken into consideration are “before and after” the microphone itself:
  • in fact, first of all there is the support holding the microphone. Reference suggests Sabra-Som SSM-1 (right), a universal shock-mount that isolates microphones from environmental vibrations, transmitted by the stand or via the cable. In Home Studio Recording applications, it is very unlikely for investments to be made in environmental acoustics or dedicated equipment, so the isolation of the main microphone (voice / piano / acoustic instruments) is fundamental.
  • il Pop filter,a Pop filter is necessary, almost compulsory, for vocals or certain acoustic instruments. Reference suggests the Sabra-Som S-Pop Grip (Left) and SPF-Pop (Right), among the best in this category. These are unique in the way in which the maintain the original signal and constantly keep the best initial position in relation to the microphone, set at the beginning of recordings. If the pop filter moves, the sound will also change and must therefore be equalized again. A very harmful waste of time, particularly during very long recording sessions. 

Sabra-Som info on

SSM-1 Sabra-Som. leggi la scheda ufficiale...

SPF Sabra-Som. Leggi la scheda ufficiale....

AUDIX CX-212. leggi la scheda ufficiale...

4) Since taking care with details is decisive for clean signals, choosing a microphone that doesn’t colour the original sound is also fundamental.
We suggest AUDIX recording studio models:

  • CX-212, condenser, 30Hz - 20kHz, Multi-Pattern, Max SPL 132 dB
  • SCX25A, condenser, 20Hz - 20kHz - Cardioide, Max SPL 135 dB.

AUDIX SCX25A. Leggi la scheda ufficiale....
Home Studio  Pack (cover web)Reference Home Studio Cable Pack
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Reference Home Studio Cable Pack 

(part three: quotes)

"We then asked for the support and opinions of independent professionals, as we have always done before launching a new product on the market and they carried out their tests in an extremely serious manner."
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