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AUDIX Microphones
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AUDIX® Microphones. Performance is Everything.

Microfoni per Batteria, Strumenti musicali, Voce, Cori, Dinamici e a Condensatore

Dynamic Vocal Microphones

Dynamic vocal microphones are the most popular type of vocal microphone for live performances...

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Condenser Vocal Microphones

The condenser (or capacitor) microphone, was invented at Bell Labs in 1916. As opposed to...

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Dynamic Instrument Microphones

With the introduction of the D Series in 1993, Audix introduced this idea of "application...

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Condenser Instrument Microphones

The Audix range of instrument condenser microphones utilize two types of technology: Externally...

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Miniaturized Condenser Microphones

With the creation of The Micros™, Audix redefined miniaturized condenser technology...

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Installed Sound Microphones

Contractor (installed) microphones are required for a full range of applications that demand...

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Wireless Microphones

The Audix RAD360 Wireless System is a frequency agile UHF wireless microphone system with...

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Packs and Sets Microphones

Audix has simplified the approach to selecting microphones for drum kits, percussion ensembles,...

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