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2011, December

Reference Laboratory proudly announce Thomsun Group has been named as the sole distributor for the United Arab Emirates of Reference Cables for musical instrument segment.

Thomsun is very pleased to start distribution of Reference Laboratory cables in UAE as the products are high quality cables giving customers true experience of sound." said Thomsun GM Biju Thomas. "We aim to promote the products at our retail outlets and various music schools. The highlight in terms of presentation at our selected outlets would be a corner where music enthusiasts and customers can experience the sound performance of their music instruments with the help of these instrument cables. We also hope the unique educational approach of Reference Laboratory would be insightful and useful for customers.

Angelo Tordini (Reference Laboratory CEO) commented as reported below:

The relationship between Thomsun and Reference Laboratory developed between November 2010 and April 2011, with Palme 2011. At the time, Thomsun was available for sponsoring the Cable Educational Workshops offered by Reference Laboratory, during Palme 2011. 

The cooperation involved delivering the Yamaha equipment - drums, keyboards, digital mixing desk, Fender amps, Line 6 instrument amplifiers - for a live performance, including the live recording performance on stage at the Reference stand, with four musicians Andre B.Jalapit (drums) , Redouane Ayoub (guitar), Rina Olis (vocals), Andrew Jankura (keyboards) and sound engineers, Michael H. Weckesser and Conrad Andrew . Beside this, in a different session, we were holding two daily workshops in the conference room. In practice, the on-stage and conference room workshops were aimed towards presenting Reference Laboratory's first Cable Educational Workshop in the Middle East. The approach was made through the musicians and myself, with a/b tests on each instrument, adopting the use of Reference cables. 

How do we choose the right cables for musical instruments or Pro Audio? At Reference Laboratory, we have a priority program called “Educational”, where musicians can evaluate their sound, first trough an analysis of how to make connections when setting up equipment with the right cable in mind. Thomsun, through their pro audio manager, Mr. Ashok Ross, and his technical sound engineer, Mr. Kartick V, were the first to witness the interest and activity around the Reference Live stage, conference room, workshops and stand during the Palme show, and were able to listen to the significant quality balance, when comparing Reference Laboratory cables to others available at Palme.
Mr Ashok Ross and his engineers appreciated the format of our workshop, because it allowed choosing a cable, thought for each specific type of equipment set up, in a short time, allowing musicians to have “the right signal”, so that they could actually feel how close they were to the “original sound”, which is what musicians seek for.
Consequently, the sound engineers that were present at the workshops, noticed the advantages on their mix because when their source on each recorded channel reached optimum level, the dynamic range, presence, tone, and harmonics were preserved, making the sounds “jump out” in the mix, with no need for over-correcting with external signal processors; a more original sound, less correction, better signal, better image and original tone.
The Reference Laboratory “Educational” format crosses the follow steps:
- The musician and musical instruments

- Type of Instrument (electric or acoustic )

- Cable Applications (studio and live)

- Musical styles (jazz, rock,...

After Palme 2011, a relationship was established, with several meetings between Reference Laboratory and Thomsun taking place.
Six months of evaluation and training with Thomsun’s main marketing and sales department manager, Mr. Biju Varghese, as well as a series of tests, with M.I. Manager, Mr. Sam, then with each department manager of Thomsun’s show room in Dubai. Thanks to these tests, Thomsun has decided on investing in Reference Laboratory Cables, along with the support of our Educational Program. This would involve three Thomsun show rooms in which a Reference Cable Corner would each be installed, so as to initiate an “educational program” for end users, in a proper and dedicated space. 
The Thomsun personnel present at the Palme, to this day, has well understood this rule, to help in future relationships with their end users that wish to invest on a similar project a
s well as to offer a different approach to, students and professional musicians in the M.I. area, as never before. 
Reference Laboratory and Thomsun will join at Thomsun show rooms at Battuta, Wafi and Deira, to allow listening to our cables at the exsclusive Reference Cable Corner. Without the Reference Laboratory Educational Program, it would not have been possible to start any sort of approach in obtaining a better sound. The correct choice of cables leads to obtaining sound as
close as the original.
Reference Laboratory congratulates the entire team at Thomsun, because of their excellence at work, motivation, and eagerness to surpass today’s standards.
Jaber shows the brand new Reference Cables display 
at the Thomsun  Music showroom in DEIRA (Dubai - UAE) 
Reference Home Studio Cable Pack
advert (Thomsun  Music showroom 
at WAFI Mall (Dubai - UAE) 

Thomsun Music in DEIRA (Dubai - UAE)

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The Complete Reference Cable Guide (for musical instruments)

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