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Spring 2011: Reference Lab on the Road
(part 1: Prolight+sound photogallery)

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It has been a busy Spring for the Reference Laboratory team, which has been attending many fair shows around the world, from Germany (Prolight+Sound) to Emirates (Palme Middle East), to Italy (Acousting Guitar Meeting) … And we’re still on the road (PALM India Expo). 

We’d like to mention and thank all our friends and fans who came and visited us at every stage of this hard vocational tour, always rewarding our efforts with their enthusiastic support, their high willingness to exchange experiences and opinions. This and the other photo galleries which we’re publishing next chapter are dedicated to them. Thank you all guys!

Let’s start from Frankfurt!

PROLIGHT+SOUND (Photogallery)

Frankfurt, 6 - 9.4.2011 


From the Reference Labs team… MANY THANKS to (in order of appearance)…
Steve Saluto (musician), Cliff Castle (Audix VP), Flavio Nobili (Dream Music Studio - Rome), Felix Remedios (Reynold's Managing Director),  Shantanu Hudlikar (Senior Engineer at YRF Studios - Mumbai), Joe Gonsalves, Patrick Abbate (musician), Angelo Casagrande (musician), Solorazaf (musician), Mino Mereu (musician), Claudio Farina (musician), Daniele Gottardo (musician).


Read the other parts of the news here:

  • Parte 2 PALME Middle East (coming soon)

  • Parte 3 Acoustic Guitar Meeting (coming soon)


Official website: Prolight+sound

Reference Laboratory Flickr Photogallery

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