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Richard Corsello & his RMC-S01... During the 2010 edition of the Umbria Jazz festival (Perugia, Italy) we had the honor to meet Richard Corsello (right), the man who works with Sonny Rollins as recording engineer and mixer for over 30 years, just during the sound-check of the great saxophonist. 

At that time Richard decided to do an experiment: to replace with two Reference Laboratory RMC-S01 cables, his XLR cables that he usually employed to connect his ZOOM Handy Recorder (which he recorded all the Sonnyís 2010 World Tour with) to the FOH console. He immediately found such a significant gain in volume that he had to lower the console output volume because, with the previous setting, the gain in dBs was stronger enough to cause signal overload problems. Later, back in the U.S., Corsello run more extensive tests on those two new cables at his recording studio. 
During those cable testing he could better appreciate the benefits brought by the Reference Laboratory cables, not only in terms of volume but mostly in the harmonic richness of the sonic image.

Here are his notes and impressions on the cable RMC-S01:
"During Sonny Rollins Tour 2010, we have been recording every show, unfortunately for me we met in July after already recording several shows in the United States using regular microphone cables. The dynamic range and clarity of signal is significant enough that I may have a problem trying to use earlier recordings and match them with the newer ones using Reference Labsí RMC-S01 cables that you gave me to try in Perugia (Italy). I never thought a cable could make that much of a difference. How was I wrong!"
Richard Corsello
(FOH recording Sonny Rollins 2010 World Tour)

But the story goes onÖ
Finally, the Sonny Rollins new live cd compilation, Road Shows vol 2., was released on September 2011 and we surprisingly found (reading the cd booklet) not only the ďSpecial thanks to Angelo Tordini* and Reference Laboratory for its cables (RMC-S01) used in this recordings" but also that all the tracks was recorded between September and October 2010, all after our meeting at Umbria Jazz!.
Certainly the problems in merging the old recordings with the new ones (as he readily admitted) was so thorny to force Mr. Corsello to cut the old recordings out and record all over again with the Reference cables RMC-S01.
Thatís owesome! Do you believe that cables donít make difference yet? 

*Angelo Tordini (Reference Laboratory, CEO) 

Sonny Rollins "Road Show vol2" (cover & special thanks)

RMC-S01 Reference cables. Read the official sheet..



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