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Salvatore Russo chose 
RIC-01 e RMC-S01

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Salvatore Russo, internationally renowned guitar player with more than twenty years of professional and artistic experience, played with some of the foremost italian singers and songwriter of our time. Here below his impressions about the Reference cables RIC-01 and RMC-S01 (see also the box).Read the complete RIC-01 technical sheet..

This cable for guitar connected to my Stratocaster Relic of the '60 has demonstrated of having not only a signal with a dynamic range at least 2 dB higher than a traditional good quality cable, but also of having a great isolation from every magnetic interference, (valves and transformers). On guitars equipped with single coil pickups, like Fender Stratocaster, the undesired "hum" effect (the same one for the lights and audio equipment) often produced in live gigs gets practically cancelled with this cable, without having to resort to extreme isolations inside the instrument.


RMC-S01 Reference cables. Leggi la scheda completa...This balanced cable has a great frequency response on higher frequencies. Testing it on a Neumann KM184 I have been able to appreciate the difference from the other cables I use. Practically it is as if there is a greater transparency of the signal, I believe due to a positive equalization shelving on high frequencies. I had great results using this cable on dynamic microphones recovering a whole spectrum of high frequencies that I generally did not think of being able to pull out of this type of microphones, like an SE Ribbon Wodoo or a Shure SM57.

Salvatore Russo

RMC-SO1 The Audio Test

For this audio test was used:

  • Acoustic Guitar Morgan Luthier from Canada. 
  • One George Neumann microphone KM 184 
  • model Pro Tools software and daw, (Eleven Rack)
  • One AMS Neve 8801 with Dynamics and EQ bypassed whit only High Pass Filter at 75Hz One
  • Balanced Standard Cable 
  • One RMC-S01 Cable.

"There are some big important differences between the two guitar recordings: the first track recorded with the RMC-S01 cable has got a more consistent and bigger signal, as you can see. The result is not only more volume (+2 db and more) but also more frequence density (in all the range). The second track was recorded with the same equipment but using a standard balance cable instead of the RMC-S01 one." SR

Listen the original test audio files (CD audio quality):

  1. Reference cable RMC-S01 test track
  2. standard balancs cable test track

Watch the ProTools test video


Salvatore Russo on web:



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