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Roberto Dalla Vecchia
a new fan of Reference Cables

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Reference Laboratory greets a new friend
: Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Italian acoustic guitar artist and singer, stand-out figure of flatpicking style in the European scene.

Over the years he became known and respected on both sides of the Atlantic making people appreciate his melodic folk-bluegrass through lot of solo performances, CDs and artistic collaborations.

Angelo Tordini e Roberto Dalla Vecchia con RIC-01A al Music Italy Show 2010After he tried the Reference cable (for acoustic instruments) RIC-01A, at the Reference Labs booth - Music Italy Show 2010, he was immediately impressed with its quality; for that reason he wanted to bring the cable back home (less noisy place than a music fair) in order to delve the cable test and be able to listen carefully to any sonic detail. 
The result? He told us that he would have been playing his guitars only using the Reference cable from then on and he kindly gave us a quote on it (see the box below)


photo: Angelo Tordini (left) and Roberto (rightat Music Italy Show 2010

Dalla Vecchia is also an artist really up and about, both for gigs, having a busy performance schedule at various venues all around the world, and didactics, teaching lot of workshops throughout Europe.

Here below some lines extracted from his latest newsletter:

Roberto Dalla Vecchia (sinistra) e David Bromberg (destra) insieme in concertoI've just come back from the wonderful US tour with Mark Cosgrove. Great memories of very good music and fantastic audience, but also of delicious food and memorable jams! Unforgettable the one at David Bromberg's house (in the pic while playing with me in a gig) with David of course, Mark an me I played all the time with an "old" Martin guitar owned by Joan Baez and given to David by her it was terrific and it had over one of its side a little paper (almost completely faded) with the tracklist still readable titles like "Forever Young" or "Summertime".

At the moment I working on the 7th Edition of vicenzAcustica (March 2011), on my new CD and a new project with the guitar artist Patrizio Ba ; we're composing together the pieces that we will perform in a Concert for two guitars and Orchestra Defenively a challenging project but so fascinating!

Here what's boiling in pot very soon:

House Concert: at Roberto Dalla Vecchia's home Sunday 5 December 2010 - 6:00 pm For the very first time I will open the door of my house for performing to an audience of no more than 30 persons. A special totally acoustic Concert, in which I will play all my guitars that I never got the chance to play with on stage, in a friendly and cozy feel. Everything started thanks to the suggestion of Luca Francioso that (cherry on the cake) will be the special guest at the event. The Concert will start at 6:00 pm, followed by an easy buffet dinner at 8:00 pm. Check this page out for the costs and details:

CHITARRE October 2010
L'attuale numero della rivista  

The didactic section of the current CHITARRE issue includes one my new column titled "Flatpicking & Dintorni". I'm really glad of the collaboration with the new "Chitarre" team! This time the lesson is about the Shuffle feel applied to the fiddle tune "Cattle in the Cane". 
Here the link of the feature:

Flatpicking Guitar with Italian Gusto 


Roberto Dalla Vecchia e il RIC-01A:

"The first word that comes to mind is fidelity. What a surprise to hear back all those harmonic frequencies in my amplified guitar. Thank you Reference!"

Photo: Roberto and his RIC-01A at Music Italy Show 2010

Roberto Dalla Vecchia on  web

Official website:



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