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Left: Angelo Tordini (CEO Reference Laboratory), Paolo Pellegatti (direttore Accademia Nel Centro della Musica), Denis Buratto (, Lorenzo Curzi e Armando Grati (Reference Team) e Steve Angarthal (Musicista/Tecnico del Suono/Esperto didattica musicale)
Improve the Sound of Your Band!

Denis Buratto tells about our Workshop Tour Premiere

From -  18 October 2012

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It 's been a very busy day for Reference Team but also a true debut without any life net in a perfect Angelo Tordini Style. Denis Buratto from was there, he took some audio/video notes but not only. This is his story in post version, live from
Thanks Denis, see you next time!

Improve the Sound of Your Band
Migliora il suono della tua band! 
by Burats - accordiano DOC #16167 | 18 october 2012 @ 13:30

"We thought the ears were the ideal measuring instrument" this is the starting point of the workshop Reference titled How to Improve the Sound of Your Band. A collection of cables, pedals, microphones and PA, point by point, step by step. A workshop that kicks off with a very simple question: how good are we in listening? Each point of the sound chain is essential in order to reach the final result and a simple bottleneck can thwart anyone efforts in buying a beautiful guitar or maybe a beautiful amplifier. Even the singers are of course involved in this issue, though often their personal sound chain belongs to the choice of the microphone. "We wanted something that was universal" summarizes Angelo Tordini - patron of the purely Italian company he founded under the name of Reference Laboratory - talking about the workshop made of fifteen dates throughout the boot: How to Improve the Sound of Your Band, a real journey made of examples, comparative tests and many curiosities.

We joined the kick- off of the tour, at the Music Academy Nel Centro della Musica in Cusano Milanino. The program, aimed at all members of a band, is divided into five parts with a common goal: the research of the perfect sound, or at least the best way to get there. It starts immediately talking about the technical set up of a band, to figure out how to get the most out of their instruments, focusing on how to turn weaknesses into strengths. Important then deepen the sound characteristics of a typical band (bass guitar drums and vocals). What are the frequencies occupied by each of these instruments and especially what are the specific tasks.

Once intercepted the secrets of your sound chain then you can move on to understand how and through what effect this might be enriched. Even after this extra content of the Workshop, it is important not to lose sight of the final goal: the quality of the sound. Adding rings in the chain does not mean compromising the purity of sound.

Then last point in the program is the choice of microphone. An element often undervalued, even if between what is perceive by those who play and by those who listen in front of a PA there are three essential elements: countless meters of cable, pre-amps of the mixer but mainly the conversion into an electrical signal by a microphone. Choosing but not the best the best suited to our setup is something crucial. To shed light on this topic nothing better than a series of comparative tests made live can help.

Then a workshop forum is also the right occasion for sharing ideas, concerns, with the advice of Angelo Tordini and Steve Arganthal, guitarist and our old friend from the last SHG. It is also the right occasion to bring your own instrument and cable and then test the differences and highlight the weaknesses of your setup. How to Improve The Sound of Your Band is finally pure time dedicated to increase the desire to experiment, to listen, it is something perfect for beginners, but even for the most experienced. We created a small excerpt from the zero date, just to get a better idea of what you can experience during Reference Workshop Tour.

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