Reference Laboratory Looking Ahead in Pro Audio
Reference Laboratory @Umbria Jazz 09
Reference Laboratory at Umbria Jazz 09

Perugia, 20 july 2009

B.B. KING @UJ 09 Arena Santa Giuliana  19/09/09 h.11:30 pm - UJazz Cable magic moment...Arena Santa Giuliana 22/09/09 h 07:00 amThe 2009 edition of Umbria Jazz has just ended. 

Itís seven o-clock in the morning of July 20th and the Reference Lab Crew is leaving the four stages on which for over ten days it was responsible for the technical audio and lighting production.. 

Every single person in the various Reference Laboratory departments (from technical aspects to marketing, logistics and general organization) that formed this magnificent "Special for UJ 09" team provided not only fundamental top grade specific technical expertise, but also showed extreme responsibility and awareness when ensuring REFERENCE Labís excellent contribution as UJ Festival partner.

There were at least forty daysí work, between preparation, daily management and dismantling of the rigs on the eventís four outdoor stages. A consolidated in-house team plus highly valid freelancers from Italy and abroad realized what was planned, organized and carried out for the complex production of the 2009 edition of Umbria Jazz, one of Europeís most important summer music events.
Carrying out their work with the passion and willingness of people running their own "company", our guys were the human interface with all the artists performing at the festival and their staff. Hour after hour, with great care, they assessed in-situ all the requirements (including those requested and scheduled weeks before), making any necessary changes and improvements as the need arose during their demanding daysí work

It must be said that this year the Umbria Jazz Association had prepared a very high level artistic "cast", with no exclusions, resulting in what Iíd call a "an all-round anti-crisis success", borne out by the program of every single stage and theatre, from the Santa Giuliana arena to the Carducci Gardens and Piazza IV Novembre, as well as the Berklee Summer School clinics.

Reference Point CrewOur REFERENCE Point at the Carducci Gardens was also a success. A real thermometer for measuring the music fever of the crowds that invaded UJ, from pros to self-taught buffs and our cable test became a real... pandemia.

Carlo Pagnotta - Umbria Jazz 09ís artistic directorBefore leaving for the San Sebastian Festival, UJ 09ís artistic director Carlo Pagnotta commented:
"Before (Reference Laboratory), there had been some complaints from the "press"... but since Umbria Jazzís friend Angelo Tordini of Reference Laboratory has been in charge of sound reinforcement at Santa Giuliana, there have been no problems Ė and not only at the Arena, but also at the Carducci Gardens and in Piazza IV Novembre". 

With these words Iíll conclude, personally thanking the Reference Laboratory Team for what it managed to provide, over and above the Watts, the dynamics and the signals of our Reference cables, in particular the UJazz cable.

With esteem and gratitude


angelo tordini

Touch Me@Umbria Jazz 09 - Piazza IV NovembrePower Me @Umbria Jazz 09 Piazza ItaliaTaste Me @Umbria Jazz 09 Piazza ItaliaListen to Me @Umbria Jazz 09 Piazza IV NovembreFeel Me @Umbria Jazz 09 Piazza IV Novembre

Reference Laboratory Crew x Umbria Jazz 09:
Ref Lab Crew Arena Santa Giuliana UJ 09 #2
Ref Lab Crew Giardini Carducci UJ09Ref Lab Crew P.zza IV NovembreCrew Barklee Summer SchoolRef  Lab Team (Sede)

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You'll find photo galleries of all the outdoor stages of Umbria Jazz updated 19/09/09

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