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Reference Laboratory & RDMX08
Reference Laboratory introduces RDMX08/CT/AC

The innovation on lighting systems cabling

Reference Laboratory 
announces the successful commercial launch of a brand new light cable for digital consoles featured by an innovative design: the REFERENCE Multisignal Lighting Cable RDMX08/CT/AC

RDMX08/CT/AC is a composite cable featuring:

  • 8 x balanced cables 120 Ohm (DMX)
  • 2 x CAT5e
  • 3 x Power AC ( 2.5 MMQ-AWG13)  

 Typical Application: Light Controller Mixer / Remote Units (i.e.: GranMA console)

Reference Laboratory moreover designed a special drum which this cable is been engineered on, able to offer the best solution for an easier, faster and safer cabling on live applications: Reference Cable Drum Quick Care Series (EP Patented) mod. RDQC06-XL. CableDrum RDQC06-XL+RDMX08-CT-AC - clic per zoom...

Angelo Tordini (AD Reference Laboratory) states:
"Definitely the "lighting" segment, as like as any other one connected to the entertainment industry, has recently undergone a fast tech development. Nowadays, thanks to the new lighting technologies, the light designer is able to give free rein to his creativity in a show. But to do that the data-controls must be 'appropriate' and then very advanced lighting consoles appeared in the market asking for protocols going faster and faster and with different standards.
Correspondingly the cables must be redesigned too, in order to afford the maximum reliability, namely maintaining the mechanical and electrical parameters unaltered, in every different logistic needs.
For those reasons Reference Laboratory designed a new cable for the aforesaid controller: the multisignal cable RDMX08/CT/AC.
It includes, in one jacket, eight balanced cables for DMX protocol and two cables for IP protocol (CAT5e) and even three conductors power AC.
Now, thanks to this new cable, rolling it out from its drum RDQC (Reference Drum Quick Care) you have all what you need: power AC coming from the stage to the lighting control console + Ethernet signals + DMX coming from lighting console to the stage.
The time of using microphones cables or AES/EBU ones instead of DMX is finally over. And no more tapping the cables together.
It saves you so much time!"

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