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Home Studio  Pack (cover web)
Reference Home Studio Cable Pack
(part one)

use is a “Home Studio Cable Pack”? Who was it conceived for?
  • According to our ten years’ experience “signal lost along the line, due to unsuitable cables, can no longer be recovered
  • Regarding the numerous declarations we have gathered on the quality of Reference cables, we have found a vast range of users: numerous musicians and recording studio professionals (technicians, engineers and producers) or semi-pros involved in production and pre-production work (for themselves or third parties) in their “home studio” with so-called Home Recording equipment.

Home Studio Pack (white bk)As with live applications, we realized that in the home recording world, often in good faith, insufficient attention is paid to cabling.

Therefore in this case too, according to Reference Laboratory, to check the quality of a signal, the test we have always considered as basic and indispensable is still valid: an A/B comparison of the same audio “take” or sound source. In fact, we have carried out more than one test, in both a live situation and during home recording, and the results when listening, passing from a normal cable to the specific Reference cable, have always been more than comforting - sometimes even SURPRISING! 

We then asked for the support and opinions of independent professionals, as we have always done before launching a new product on the market and they carried out their tests in an extremely serious manner. 

The excellent results obtained motivated us even more, encouraging us to choose not only the actual cable, but also all the details and accessories, such as: the suitable length of the conductor and the best connectors with gold pins, assembling and testing everything in the best possible way. 

The result is a tested certified “cable pack!

Obviously, as well as the results during the recording, those obtained by listening is just as decisive. 

This is why we selected a basic set of cables, made up of four specific models:

  • An RMC-S01 MICROPHONE cable (designed for miking vocals in recording studios).
  • An RIC-01 INSTRUMENT cable (chosen for transferring unbalanced signals from instruments such as electric guitar, bass and keyboards). 
  • A LEFT & RIGHT RMC-S01 pair (for transferring balanced signals to self-amplified near-field monitors). 

To know more about on the specifications and effectiveness of the “Home Studio Cable Pack” we suggest: 

Reference Home Studio Cable Pack 
(part two: recommended accessories)

So, starting from a basic Home Studio Cable Pack, what are the margins for improving audio signal performance in a home studio recording? Here at Reference Laboratory we believe that other details must be taken into consideration and tested, such as certain accessories related to the musical instruments involved.... (read more)

Reference Home Studio Cable Pack 

(parte three: quotes)

"We then asked for the support and opinions of independent professionals, as we have always done before launching a new product on the market and they carried out their tests in an extremely serious manner." (read some of the most important)

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