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Red (Redouane Ayuob) is talented and versatile musician with 30 years experience at a professional level, performing music as diverse as Beethoven and The Beatles, with special interest in modern jazz. 
He is a trained guitarist, pianist, harmonicist and singer with a sound practical knowledge of playing to varied audiences. 
Red has also been a member of the Staff Reference Laboratory (as a musician and demonstrator) during last PALME Middle East 2011.
Here's his quote about his Reference Cables...

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My sound really changed for the best since using Reference Labaratory Cables, I use UJAzz Cable, RIC-S01R and RIC-01 cables, rich and clear sound.
I love my sound now and for me what's for sure Reference Cables are a miracle.

Thank you Angelo"


Red & his band @ PALME Middle East 2011
Red & his band @ PALME Middle East 2011...

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