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(jazz guitarist)

Read the complete Reference Cable Guide...Thanksgivings and a sincere token of esteem by Peter Bernstein, valued jazz musician boasting such remarkable artistic collaborations and a notable career with his own bands. Now that he has found his best suited Reference cable, he doesn’t want to use anything else even when he plays into small clubs. Here below what he wrote us, just few days later we met at Umbria Jazz 10…

July 2010

From: Peter Bernstein [email]
To: Angelo Tordini 
RE: at umbria jazz festival, sonny rollins 

Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 15.25 

Hi Mr. Tordini, 

Thank you for the message and thank you so much for the cable you gave me in Perugia. I use it all the time now and really hear a difference. Now that I am back in NYC and playing gigs with my own amps and other amps at clubs here that I know, I can hear that my sound is clearer and rounder and smoother with your cable (Ed. RIC-01A). If this sounds like an endorsement, it not even meant that way but just to tell you that your cable is improving my sound!! 
The one you gave me is pretty long, maybe 15ft. (?), do you have the same cable with a right angle in shorter sizes? Most of the time I play in clubs (not stages like in Perugia!) and I only need 8-10 feet...can I order from you? I will check out the website but I want to make sure I could get the same cable that you designed for more acoustic sounds....anyway, thank you so much again for your great work and I look forward to hearing from you and let me know what I can do to help put the word out about your products. 

All the best, ciao, 

Pete Bernstein

Peter Bernstein @ Umbria Jazz 10

Angelo Tordini & Peter Bernstein
Peter Bernstein live (w/Sonny Rollins) Angelo Tordini and Peter Bernstein

Peter Bernstein on web:

Official website:  

All about Jazz: Peter Bernstein



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