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Dubai 26 - 28 april

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Palme Middle East launches education drive for cabling
The 2011 edition of PALME Middle East, which will be held from April 26 to April 28 in Dubai, will include, along with others, an important new event in direct cooperation with Reference Laboratory:
This will cover a series of workshops and meetings that will itinerate between the conference hall on the first floor and a stand in main Hall. 
Specifically, every day, there are planned: 
- 4 workshop/forums, with a maximum capacity for 20 participants, at AJMAN A. room,
- 8 "on stage" meetings at stand Q19

PALME Middle East  launches education drive for cabling,
with the support of Reference Laboratory
This is the first initiative for the PALME Middle East, aimed towards reevaluating, in a dedicated forum, the role of the cable and a cabling system, through experiences that define an exact identity, respecting the characteristics of the audio/video/lighting chain.

Eben Botha, Palme Middle East Exibition Manager ... "We are very enthusiastic about working with Reference Laboratory on this project, because it covers an aspect of training that nobody has attempted yet in the Middle East", says enthusiastically Eben Botha, organizer of Palme Middle East. "The cabling system is not always considered appropriately - many people tend to concentrate on microphones, speakers and mixers and will at times overlook thinking about the cables, although these are such an important part within the sound chain. We want to inform our visitors and show them how important this is."

The workshop/forum - Ajaman A. room 
timing: 11:30 - 13:30 - 15:30 - 17:30

The first 20 minutes will be presented by Angelo Tordini (CEO Reference Laboratory), who will introduce the subject and also conduct an "active" exchange with those attending, in the style of an open and direct forum. 
During the remaining 10 minutes, Mr. Michael H Weckesser and Mr. Conroad Andrews, specialists/consultants and owners of Wadg (acustic-audiovisual-consultants), will present examples and experiences of their cabling projects, both in installations as well as in live, in both audio and lighting systems.
Mr. Conroad Andrews - Senior Partner & Director of Engineering WADG...Mr. Michael H Weckesser - Senior Partner & Managing Director WADG...
By involving those present, attention will be brought on their direct professional experiences, by stimulating participation and questions, while trying to put in evidence how the choice of the ideal cable depends on exact factors such as, for example, the characteristics with which they have been chosen or the application for which the cabling system has been created, avoiding to limit ourselves to parameters usually considered by the market as "low cost", "flexibility", or sticking to the more or less known brands. 

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Going into the production phases of a microphone cable 
  • How long can a cable on stage last? 
  • How to choose a speaker or multiconductor cable for a line array, for both live performance and installation 
  • If there are any, which are the essential technical points that don't weeken the original investment of the project, whether it be in an installation, an event, in studio, relative to balanced, unbalanced or power lines 
  • By reevaluating cabling within a lighting system for single DMX or in combination with other signals, will this system last longer as well as optimize logistics? 
  • Can we consider cables for condenser microphones as well as dynamic microphones? 
  • How much difference is perceived between cables, and how is sound influenced with balanced and unbalanced cables during a real time test? 
  • How much does the connector component influence the loss of signal and reliability and how do we choose and assemble it properly?
We would like to remind you that participating in one of the above workshops is preliminary for the following meeting "on stage", in order to acquire the fundamentals and helpful indications to make better use of the "live" test experience.

Meetings "on stage"- booth Q19
hours: 11:30 - 12:30 - 13:30 - 14:30 - 15:30 - 16:30 - 17:30 - 18:30

Behind the official Reference Laboratory stand (Q20), a dedicated LIVE stage will be equipped, sponsored by Palme, where our musicians/consultants will develop real time tests on all the different types of cables that interest the professionals visiting. Practically, a moment of hands-on/operations using different cables on musical instruments or even the voice. Also, thanks to a Home Recording setup installed for this purpose, it will be possible to record the most significant moments of every demonstration to certify the results and actual differences between a standard cable and a quality cable.
Andre B. Jalapit (drums)
Redouane Ayoub (electric & acustic guitar)
Rina Olis (singer)
Andrew Jankura (keyboards)
"The signal lost along the audio chain, due to unsuitable cables, cannot be recovered", explains Angelo Tordini, "and it is for this reason that we're talking about education. We are going in depth on how to obtain what we call, 'the sound in the face'. I came to Dubai the first time in 2002 to participate at Palme and here, in the Gulf area, I realized that training was very important. Investments made here in auditoriums, conference halls, events and so on, are very high and therefore are in need of projects where quality is guaranteed 100% in all aspects. 
There is therefore need for someone to take the challenge of explaining the importance of cables in those projects and their basic concept, because it is very important to abstain the best from those investments. The Middle East represents for us a great opportunity because professionals here are willing and ready to comprehend.

Due to the originality of this initiative and the limited amount of space for each session, the organization is working carefully so that everyone interested may participate without being left out. For this reason, we suggest to download the pre-register form (click here) and send the compiled pdf as email attachement to or fax it to +39 071 7108041

Who will take registration by April 25 will have a free pendrive (with exclusive media contents) asking for it at the Reference Labs booth (Q20).

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