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Nakul Kamte (India): "The Reference cables are... amazing

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Nakul Kamte in... live action - pic 1Nakul Kamte is one of the most influential and awarded sound designers in the Indian Film Industry. He recently won the 57th Idea Filmfare Awards 2011, a true celebration of excellence in Indian Cinema hosted in Mumbai, for The Best Sound Design for the film Don 2
Based in Mumbai and owner of Hearing Binaural, he boasts a wealth of experience in recording, editing and mixing sounds for motion pictures and films, and he is primarily famous as a pioneering "live recordist", capturing sounds around the world. 
Definitely Nakul Kamte is credited with having greatly helped the Indian Film Industry (which initially preferred to have dubbing over live sound recording) to realize the importance of sound and therefore prefer ambient sound and dialogues recorded on location.
Nakul well knows cables have a great influence on sound quality and for this reason decided to use the best ones. 
Here below his enthusiastic words on Reference Cables :

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I just used the Reference Lab RMCQ 01 cable in a shoot with 1-18K , 2-12K's and 6 -4K lights. No buzz , no hum for the first time. Grazie Don Tordini. Many hours saved in post. Also the RMC 16 TP is a huge asset. Easy to wrap the twist.
These cables made me hear my Microphones for the First time ! It was like there was some kind of invisible DSP in them, 



Nakul Kamte in... live action - pic 2

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