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Reference Laboratory - MUSICAL-MENTE POLICASTRO JULY 23-24 2010

Santa Marina loc. Policastro Bussentino (SA) - July, 23-24 


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Reference Laboratory will be in Policastro Bussentino (SA) on July 23, at the third edition of MUSICAL-mente POLICASTRO 2010, the famous contest for emerging bands, born from the collaboration between Associazione Musicale Sonoria and Comune di Santa Marina (SA ).  

Angelo Tordini (Reference Laboratory founder & CEO) will conduct five workshops concerning: "the role of cable"  and "How to chose a microphone" in order to get the most from a your own instrumental setup in the audio chain.

Volantino Seminario Reference - zoom....
The topics of the workshops will be:  
  • Electric Guitar: "Cable selection depending on the artistic needs" featuring Marco Biancolella.
  • Acoustic Guitar: "The choice of the cable best suited to give back the original sound of the instrument" - featuring Giovanni Rago
  • Electric Bass: "Cable selection depending on the artistic needs" - featuring Fabio Meridiani.
  • Voice: "Choosing a microphone and cable" featuring Vito Maria Grillo.
  • Keyboard: "The influence of cable on the keyboard sound" - featuring  Mario Perazzo.
  • Drums: "Choosing a set of microphones and cabling" - featuring Massimo Magaldi.

We will perform A/B test between generic cables and Reference cables to evaluate the variation of the tone depending on the use of different cables, both for each instrument on its own and, for the first time ever, in a music ensamble situation, in order to emphasize even more the variation of the audio signal obtained by changing the entire cabling of every instrument involved.

In addition to the above topics, Marco Biancolella and Fabio Meridiani will perform theorical and practical demonstrations on  Source Audio e Morpheus pedal FX.

Francesco Armentano

Dutiful thanks to Associazione Musicale Sonoria that allows this initiative and particularly to the work team formed by Mario Perazzo, Francesco Armentano and Giovanni Rago, who chose Reference cable RIC-S01R for his electric guitar.             

Giovanni Rago
Giovanni Rago

Mario Perazzo - My Space
Mario Perazzo

RIC-S01R... per saperne di pił....









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