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Another important contact, thanks to the good work done by one of our ambassados, Scavino of Torino. Thanks to these Ambassadors, bass player Maurizio Veglio discovered Reference Cables. Satisfaction was such that Maurizio wanted to back it up with a detailed acoustic and spectrographic analysis (see the box

As musician and band member of PULSEVE

"Pulseve is actually an unusual drum and bass duo that captures silence and releases rage, feet planted on the ground and arms waiving in the air. In the orbit of Magnet (debut album of 2011), there is reboiling of cannibalistic love, stellar parabolas and menacing arenas. Calamity is its form of gravity."

This is his interesting and detailed analysis:

Maurizio Veglio and the Reference Labs cables: 

"Insieme Along with my music brother Piero Giaccone (Peter Hamer Studio), who actually introduced me to your products, we compared Reference cables (RIC-01) with ordinary ones, recording them straight into sound card or through pedal effects. Both ways Reference cables quality is clearly higher than ordinary cables in terms of volume and fidelity. 

As you can easily spot on the diagrams youíll find attached (green line showing my old cables, white line showing Reference), heights are quite clear below 350-300 Hz and become stunning over 1500 -1800 Hz, so much you could even tell it with your ears. I also played a bass with paleolithic strings on it through an ancient speaker, and I swear that the clanking and brilliant sound coming out of it really amazed me.

Itís so easy to feel the passion, the effort and the quality you and your assistant filled your job with, not to say the kindness I personally experienced with you all.
Your job definitely rocks!"

Maurizio Veglio

screenshot analysis RIC-01 vs. ordinary ones
 Spectrographic analysis RIC-01 Reference cables / ordinary cable #1

Spectrographic analysis RIC-01 Reference cables / ordinary cable #2

Spectrographic analysis RIC-01 Reference cables / ordinary cable #3


Official website:

MySpace: pulseve

Facebook: ..pages/pulseve/..

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