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Masotti-Reference Everlast e SKILL Cable Set

EVERLAST & SKILL Cable Set | Masotti signature

01 october 2013

We are proud to announce the release of the brand-new EVERLAST and SKILL Cable Sets (Masotti signature), two limited edition cable bundles come from the very italian partnership between Reference Laboratory and MASOTTI GUITAR DEVICES, grounded on their common intent to helping guitar players to achieve their ultimate guitar tone (in terms of transparency, punch and dynamics).

Masotti is the result of expert engineers and guitarists working closely together toward one goal: realize the best tone possible for the electric guitar. What was discovered is now easily available to all serious guitarists who are tired of accepting compromises in their sound.

Get more information at Masotti Guitar Devices website:

  • The EVERLAST CABLE SET features:
  • 1 x GUITAR CABLE (mod. RIC01 blue), 4.5 meters - for guitar to amp connection.
  • 1 x SPEAKER CABLE 1/4" (mod. RPCM01), 0.8 meters - to connect guitar amp head to the cab.
  • 1 x MICROPHONE CABLE (mod. RMC01), 5 meters - for guitar speaker cabinet miking.

The SKILL CABLE SET, named in tribute to the new 30Watt Masotti head, the little 'wild beast' called "Skill", is an abridged version of the previous bundle (for those who are not interested in miking up their guitar amplifier) including the winnin combination 'Guitar Cable (RIC01) + Speaker Cable (RPCM01)'.

I strengthen the brotherhood with Reference Laboratory signing up these two cable sets which I picked and chose as the only benchmark of excellence for our customers cabling requirements.»

«I personally selected for you the most reliable and best sounding cables available in the market.»

Pierangelo Mezzabarba
(Masotti Guitar Devices)

Recently premired at Masotti Day (Roma, 29.09.2013), these new Reference Labs' Cable Sets (Everlast and Skill) will soon be available at the Reference® Ambassador stores and Reference Cables Authorized Dealers.


Throughout October 2013 • Purchasing one of newest Masotti amp models, MZero and Skill, you will get as a GIFT one of these exclusive Reference Labs' Cable Sets.

Buy a Masotti SKILL 30 Watt → get a free SKILL Cable Set.
Buy a Masotti M ZERO Mezzabarba Custom Amplification → get a free EVERLAST Cable Set.

Get more information at Masotti Guitar Devices website:
Masotti Guitar Device Masotti SKILL | La nuova 'belva' da 30 Watt!

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