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(*Subsonica bass player)



Vicio nel suo home studio (foto MySpace)Luca Vicini, better known as Vicio, bass player with Subsonica, with great care as much as enthusiasm tested the Reference cables
Thank you Vicio... and see you soon!

December 2010


"I plugged the Reference cable RIC01 directly to my rig live Mark Bass amp (that is in my studio now), playing with a Music Man Sting Ray HH, and the sound difference I could hear (between it and a "normal" cable) is poidently clear: the bass tones are more massive and definitely more transparent (feature that I love). 
An immedite HI FI feeling! 
I run more accurate tests on the Reference "instrument-cable" included in the "studio-kit" (Reference Home Studio Cable Pack n.d.r), and recorded two bass lines (always playing my MM bass), first using a "supermarket-low-price" A/B audio test. By Luca Vicini (Vicio). click for zoom... cable and then using the Reference one, evaluating the sound results either through listening or by viewing the Wave PAZ spectum analyzer display.

Well... The Reference cable wins hands down: when using it the sound of my bass is much more bodied and defined in the low range, but - viewing the spectrum analysis- you can observe that frequencies around 3000 Hz are boosted (on the contrary, using the "standard" cable there is a"hole" in that frq range) and, in general, the Reference cable has got a wider spectrum."

RIC-01 cable test standard cable test 
RIC-01 cable spectrographic analysis (Waves PAZ). By Luca Vicini (Vicio) - Click per zoom.... Standard cable spectrographic analysis (Waves PAZ). By Luca Vicini (Vicio) - Click for zoom...


"I noticed the most striking evidence of the difference by listening: since I've been using a pair of your XLR cables (RMC-S01) to connect my near-field monitors, the sonic spectrum expanded by 100%!! Everithing clearer and straight to your face, specially 5000 Hz-up. Not mentioning the volume... Many more dBs! Than I run some tests microphones and mic cables (using my own voice at the moment... which is not exactly like Demetrio Stratos' one :-))):

My final remark? Power and transparency, that's what comes out of your cables. :)"

Luca Vicini 

Luca Vicini / Vicio on web:L'Eclissi Tour 2008 - foto di Pasquale Modica

Subsonica official website:

MySpace: bassvicio




L'Eclissi Tour 2008
photo by Pasquale Modica

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