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Reference Laboratory - Korg report 2009

The new digital pianos Korg SV-1 and the Reference Cables RMC 16TP & RMC S01. 

To create the new series of digital pianos, KORG decided to use a DSD recorder and a 192kHz/24bit DAW system as the recording supports. Clearly, the full recording chain had to be of the highest quality, so we also used microphones and mic preamps that were not only made by highly renowned brands, but also exhibited the best quality around. Our goal to achieve the best sound recording was entirely based on the care around all major and minor details, in addition to accurate microphone positioning.

With a long experience in recording different grand pianos in various recording studios around the world (in Europe, United States and Japan), we could focus on the weaker parts of our previous recordings. Something we discovered was how much cabling was responsible for sound dispersion, so we reduced the overall length of cabling, as well as the single run of individual cables from microphones to preamps and from preamps to converters. Also, we optimized cable placement in the studio, and chose much better suited cables.

RMC 01 This is the reason why we looked after a recording studio with the right prerequisites for this project. We moved our preamps and converter in a room as near as possible to the piano, and then we started by choosing the most suitable, transparent and noiseless cables. After a careful comparison between seven types of cables of different brands, we could finally say the best results had been achieved with two cables from Reference Laboratory: the RMC-16TP (quad) and the RMC-S01 (see photo).

These are the cables we used at the studio, and that we run in optimal lengths between microphones and preamplifiers. We were really surprised by the sound quality and the barely measurable noise floor. For us, dynamic range is utterly important. Our sound recording goes from fff (piuccheffortissimo) at the attack, to ppp (piuccheppianissimo) at the end of the sustain, all in a few seconds; we absolutely need a clean sound source, with minimum noise and the greatest sonic detail.

This is the reason we want to thank all engineers at Reference Laboratory, in particular Mr. Angelo Tordini and Eng. Gian Alberto Francesconi, for the great support they gave us, and for the great knowledge they offered us.

KORG Italy & KORG Inc. Staff

Per saperne di pił sul nuovo piano digitale SV-1 Korg...



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