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Kaledon chose DropTune
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Morpheus DropTune
effect pedal predictably gained entry into the “hardest” rock and metal bands. Here what the “guitars” of the italian power metal KALEDON (Paolo, Alex and Tommy) say about it.

September 2010

zoom su Flickr...The Morpheus DropTune is a foot switch that lowers the tone of the bass or guitar in various tunings. 
I got to use it on stage and, in my opinion, it got an excellent response and a very enveloping sound, thanks to the “default chorus” working as soon as it’s switched on, which can obviously be managed via a potentiometer. Its small dimensions make it easily portable and above all it can be used anywhere. 
It 's an excellent product cause no longer need use hand keys with the risk have the neck bowed and alter the string action. Now Morpheus DropTune is all over it, carrying my bass to desired (de)tuning.

Paolo Lezziroli (bass guitar - Kaledon)


zoom su Facebook....The DropTune is a great pedal that lets you tune the guitar tones lower with the touch of a button. 
A very important thing is that the string tension remains the same as the one with a standard flat tuning, or, as in my own case, a drop Eb tuning . Then you can avoid dealing with too loose strings or switching to a higher string gauge. 
I find this pedal really useful and well done. Also excellent is the Octaver function and the bass emulator .

Full Marks an Honour!

Alex Mele (lead guitar - Kaledon)

-----------------------zoom su Flickr...

Owesome! Just push a button to quickly get the desired tonality. No need to change the guitar! Not to mention the latency: ZERO! 
The sound is real, not digital and the touch response is perfect! 
Must have it!

Tommy Nemesio (rhythm guitar - Kaledon)


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