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(from Notebook 2011)

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To mark the publication of the new Notebook 2011, Angelo Tordini  (founder and CEO Reference Laboratory) has published its own special greeting to the community of engineers and sound technicians. 
Here it is, in full:

“In your face” sound

In both live and studio work, it can often be noticed how a voice or solo instrument is "behind" the rest of the mix. My experience - not as a sound engineer but as a cable "fan" - has enabled me to take part in numerous live events and visit many professional recording studios (as well as home-recording facilities) during work on both "takes" and mixes. 
The question is: can a cable alone influence this aspect in a decisive manner? 
Those who know me well know that in my bag I always have .... "some" cables, both balanced and unbalanced models, which differ as far as both length and design are concerned, as they are intended to meet live and studio applications in the best possible way, as well as specific cables for acoustic or electric instruments. This "unusual" baggage has enabled me to carry out a large amount of "experiments" (A/B tests), in situations that have often been improvised or, one could say, "on the limit": on several occasions I've replaced cables on stage after the line-check and even after the sound-check! Well, the reaction RMC-S01 Reference cables. Read the complete sheet...of the musician or sound engineer in question has never been negative, in fact it has always been that of pleasant surprise, to say the least: 
"Angelo, you brought my voice out!" or "'In your face' sound at long last!".

In fact, Reference cables are able to maintain all the harmonic characteristics of the sound source, immediately giving (from the line) the “presence” that was previously missing, without having to change any EQ settings. The cable I want to take into consideration here is the Reference mod. RMC-S01, the model recommended for use with microphones in studios. To record a voice a good microphone is definitely required but, if we fit that microphone with an RMC-S01 cable, it is possible to hear how the result can change in terms of:

  1. timbre: the tone of the recorded voice is now a faithful reproduction of the original one;

  2. presence: in the mix, the voice is immediately more “up-front” than before; 

  3. dynamics: all the nuances of the original voice are maintained in detail;

  4. harmonic richness: the sound is more “full-bodied”, as the sound spectrum is wider.

Since 1989, Reference Laboratory has invested in research on cables for audio, lighting, video, digital, cat5 or combined applications, as it is well aware that signals can reach their destination clear or "opaque"; in perceptive terms (in audio), can arrive "before" or "after" and can be "distant" or "close"... and these are anything but details. During mixing work, while moving an instrument back, by reducing a certain amount of mid-high frequencies or compressing it slightly, is quite easy, one the other hand it is a problem to bring it "forward" when the original frequencies and dynamics are irreparably jeopardised by signal dispersion due to unsuitable cabling. Investing in cables is therefore fundamental. Only by doing so is it possible to bring those differences "up-front", those sonic details that have been left behind (i.e. lost along the line). Try running a test and... if you want, write and let us know the results ( Reference Laboratory will be pleased to read your opinion and your experience in the field.


Angelo Tordini

Richard Corsello & Angelo Tordini
Angelo Tordini with Richard Corsello*
(*)FOH recording "Sonny Rollins 2010 World Tour"


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