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Hot music notes in hyper-technological recipe
(Calde note in salsa ipertecnologica)
by Fabio Nucci

From Il Messaggero Umbria -  10 July 12 

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UMBRIA - Speciale

Hot music notes in hyper-technological recipe

The 85 thousand watts sound system for the first time in Italy. 
Lighting and stage chosen by Sting

               by Fabio Nucci

The panel that draws a radio from 80s on stage announces the concert of the evening, the Radio Music Society Esperanza Spalding tour. On the main stage at Umbria Jazz, the music is on air with the broadcast technology and the sound of an audio system, Energia E15, used for the first time in Italy. Quality audio and lighting is one of the key points of the festival chosen by the director Carlo Pagnotta for the stages at Santa Giuliana, Carducci and Piazza IV Novembre. Since many years, this choice involves Angelo Tordini (pic left) from Reference Laboratory. 

Angelo Tordini (Fondatore e CEO di Reference Laboratory)The heart of the arena beats with Uj sound and disputes against Montreux for title of most technological festival. "They are the only ones who have a technical production office - explains Tordini - but they also require the right people who can best interpret, for example, the cable technology." A system with thousands of watts would be wasted if you would not use 2 miles of cables that are woven over and under the stage. Lying along the stage, climbed up onto the roof, hidden in the back, "they have their dignity, they are a crucial node." The Reference cabling allows for example to isolate the power box which from the power plant distributes the energy to handle audio and lighting. "You canceled the distortion caused by electricity, but our cable keeps the faithful audio without dispersing high frequencies," explains Tordini. 

The work begins in May with the processing of audio projects ("Every artist has its own layout of the stage") and during the festival, life begins at the Arena at 7 'o clock: everyone together for the evening concerts, calibrating everything as much as possible. Last night, for example, the reference was the mini big band of Spalding, in scene after Scofield's quartet. For the whole festival, Sting is however the North Star, announced with a team of technicians who will analyze every square meter of the audience.  "The secret is to replicate what happens on stage in an appropriate manner," explains Tordini. "The audience does not get hot if the sound does not surround it ."  To do this, here is the system Energia (Adamson line array) that produces 85 thousand watts "to be exploited in dynamic and not in volume. The two components are hung, hidden at the sides of the stage: they are not simple loudspeakers even if the exploit the idea of the overlapped ones used in churches. "Here there is also mechanical technology, with two engines to guide them and cover at best the audience." With the double subwoofer at the base, which prevents any return to the stage a part from the spies of the musicians, the side speakers, front lip and field, the sound comes with the same intensity and dynamics steps which is standing in the front row. It could be perfect even in a labyrinth and it is perfect in all details.


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Calde note in salsa ipertecnologica (Il Messagero Umbria 10/07/12)
Esperanza Spalding opening @ Umbria Jazz 12
(9 July - Arena Santa Giuliana) 


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