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Under 22 yo – August, 29 /September, 5
Over 22 yo and soloists – September, 5/12

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Once again Reference Laboratory is technical sponsor of Music Village, one of the most important italian event dedicated to emerging music, which will take place in Simeri (CZ), divided into two sections: Under 22 yo – August, 29 /September, 5  and Over 22 yo and soloists – September, 5/12

Reference Laboratory decided to support Music Village because it occurs as an event which feels the need to distinguish itself from the other national music contests, attracting the attention of participants on music aggregation and artistic education.

The main Reference Lab activities will be carried out in two different music sites: the amphitheater stage, where there will be all the official performances and all open the jam sessions (going on untill late at night) and the little amphitheater (Acoustic Corner), for all the unplugged performances which will be also the place of the scheduled seminars.

In this context Reference Laboratory will conduct a series of training seminars on “cable+microphone”.

On Sept. 2-3-5-7, starting at 4:00 pm, and Sept. 4-6, starting at 4:45 pm, at the Reference Cable Corner (little amphiteater area), the Reference Lab team will show all the participating musicians a full program dedicated to “the method for evaluating the cabling and the microphone best suited to your own needs”. Each workshop will last 35 minutes and will be aimed at separate categories groups: 

start hour (pm)

 2-3-7 sept

4-6 sept

Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Electric Bass and Double-bass


The specific issues will be: 

  • Cable/cabling for Electric or Acoustic musical instrument

  • Cable/cabling for Keyboard

  • Microphone + cable for Vocals

  • Microphones + cables for Drums

The seminars will be also an opportunity for the introduction of the newest technologies applied to effect pedals (Source Audio and Morpheus)

Inoltre, the Reference Labs team will present the National Premiere of two new products of latest technology for guitar and bass players:

·    the new fx pedal by MORPHEUS: CAPO (

·    the brand new REFERENCE cable especially designed to connect the pedalboard to the amp.

Besides, on 4th and 6th September, on the Main Stage, where only Reference cables and Audix microphones will be used, there will be a short demonstration (from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm) on “microphones + cables” thanks to the kind and active participation of the Village bands and soloist musicians. These demos, complementing the singular tests at the Reference Cable Corner , will show, in an optimal listening situation, the huge improvement of the signal due to the use of a suitable cabling and the related miking.

"The signal you lose on the line (along the audio chain) due to inadequate cabling you'll never get it back!"
Angelo Tordini 
(Fondatore e CEO Reference Laboratory)

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Source Audio official website...

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