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Great success for Reference Laboratory at “Biasin 29th Anniversary” event. The Reference Cable Corner was a meeting place for all the people occurred at the venue, the “Reference friends”, and awesome musicians as the guitarist David Beltran Soto Chero and the guitar idol Daniele Gottardo

All the attending musicians had the chance to jam and test the Reference Cables, the Audix Microphones (for vocals and drums) the Audix CabGrabber, the Sabra-Som mic accessories and the brand new Caimbé guitar JDVN-N-CB.

David Beltran Soto Chero in jam - click per zoom...

<<<David Beltran Soto Chero jammin

Daniele Gottardo & il cavo RIC-S01 - click per zoom...

Daniele Gottardo
plays with >>>
his Reference cable RIC-S01  




Angelo Tordini e Riccardo Trevisan - click per zoom...



<<<Riccardo Trevisan
singer and free-lance consultant/demonstrator for Biasin) came and met us at the Reference Cable Corner and kindly gave us the following quote::
My dear Angelo Tordini, I’ve been using the Reference microphone cables RMC01 for almost one year.. I must openheartedly say that I was amazed with the audio quality and reliability of this product. The Reference cable RMC01, besides improving the quality and the clearness of the signal, reduced almost 50% the annoying the Larsen effect. That audio feedback was much more frequent with the cable I used before
Riccardo Trevisan

The Reference Cable Corner @Biasin (photogalley)
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JDVN-N-C Caimbé guitar

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