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AUDIX announces DP-QUAD
"Drummer Tested. sound Guy Approved"

Settembre 2011  

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AUDIX, lAudix is the industry leader in drum and percussion microphones and was the first to introduce professional mic pack assortments to the market. It is within this spirit of innovation that Audix is proud to launch the DP-QUAD. Specifically for drums and percussion, the industry standards in this pack guarantee delivery of your sound – straight out of the box.  

DP-QUAD Leggi la scheda tecnica originale su Audix DP QUAD  pack is the simplest, most effective combination of microphones needed to capture the depth and imaging of a full drum kit. Featuring a D6 for kick,  i5 for snare and two ADX51's for overhead  usare per la ripresa panoramica stereo, the DP-QUAD is intended to create a blend effect between close and overhead miking.

The D6 and i5 are high SPL dynamic microphones which are excellent for close miking; a technique that is required in order to capture the attack and percussive sound of the drum. The D6 will help provide earthshaking lows and the attack of the kick; the i5 will reinforce the depth and crack of the snare. These two mics are the core of any drum kit and the foundation for every groove, making them a must have for all drummers.  DRUMMER TESTED. SOUND GUY APPROVED!

The ADX51 is a pre-polarized condenser microphone with a 14mm gold sputtered diaphragm which is designed for overhead applications. Depending on positioning, the ADX51’s will pick up the high-hat, tom fills, cymbals and ambiance of the entire kit. Overhead (ambient) miking supports the theory that “less is more,” as the use of 2 overhead mics will capture the transients, tonality and balance of the kit in a completely phase-coherent manner.

Audix provides a video with every pack demonstrating specific set up requirements for each mic individually along with detailed examples of how the four mics work in tandem to create a full, natural sound for both live and recording applications. The video, also available on the Audix website, demonstrates the importance of drummers maintaining control of their sound; thus delivering it to the audience exactly the way they intend it. Best of all, the DP-QUAD takes the mystery out of drum miking by making set up quick and easy; allowing the drums to maintain their sound integrity and critical presence, regardless of the size of the room or PA system.

The DP-QUAD comes with mic stand adapters for each mic and a DVICE rim mount for the i5 on snare. Attractively packaged in a heavy duty aluminum flight, the DP-QUAD is available through authorized Audix dealers. 

Reference Laboratory s.r.l. is the official AUDIX distributor for Italy, Middle East, including all the GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman) in addition to Jordan, Iran, Pakistan and Syria

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Check out the video of how to mic your drums with the DP-QUAD featuring drum clinician, Mike Snyder

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Audix DP QUAD by Audix Microphones

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