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Andrea Balestra audio test: 
vs Monster cable



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Andrea Balestra is a young Italian guitar player who moved to California and, with great heart, he is building a solid career in US. He came and met us at the NAMM Show 2011 and gave us an audio-test that he freely run on his favorite Reference cable, the "Rock" (Red) one of course: RIC-S01R  

... Here below his quote + audio-test

Andrea Balestra and the RIC-S01R
:Andrea Balestra endorses Reference Cables

"Comparing the Monster Standard® 100 cable and the Reference "Red" cable (RIC-S01R) there is an evident difference in sound. First off, we can hear the volume raise notably when using the Red cable, which leads to believe the signal that's being transmitted by the Standard is not as full. Then, comparing the tones I can state that hypotesis is correct. The Red features a crisper high end, warmer lows and smoother mids, a better response overall that definitely beats the Standard on every aspect.

The RIC-S01R cable is beyond any doubt the best cable for rock music that I ever used up to now. I’ve been trying and changing lot of cables brands for many years ( including very high-end products as the Monster Standard® cable and the George L’s one) without feeling satisfied… With the Reference Laboratory RICS-01R cable I found the cable that is perfect to me! It give me back an extremely clear and defined tone, maintaining the attack and the “aggressiveness” that I must have when I play rock music. I brought it with me on tour and it’s nearly indestructible. RIC-S01R cable is absolutely the best product of its kind in the market in the world cable market."

Andrea Balestra

Listen to the Andrea's audiotest (*). 

Andrea Balestra RIC-S01R vs Monster cable by Reference Laboratory

(*)Listening with a couple of near monitors suggested

Andrea Balestra on web

Official website:

MySpace: andreabalestra




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