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Even this year and rather with renewed enthusiasm, REFERENCE LABORATORY has participated as technicals sponsor at the ACUSTIC GUITAR MEETING13th edition, Sarzana May 19 to 23, with his staff and above all with a new special edition of its own cable for acoustic guitars: the RIC-01A Limited Edition, exclusive custom-branded "Acustic Guitar Meeting". Great satisfaction for the interest and appreciation of the public and professionals. Here some of the evidence, stemming from our own meetings the days before and during the meeting.

As a first contribution we report the interview with Angelo Tordini (Founder and CEO of Reference Laboratory - picture below) published in the official catalog of the exhibition:

by Cristiano Cameroni

There is an important detail, in this year's concerts, which we're certain will not pass unobserved by those who listen carefully to the most subtle sound variations. 
A detail that is hidden, one could even say invisible. A detail that even musicians themselves often tend to ignore, either because they are all very concentrated on performing - and consequently on their instruments - or because the general culture is rather evasive regarding this detail. (more)

Read the complete interview version (click here)

 Fai il download della versione originale dell'intervista (pdf)... <<< Versione Originale in pdf (italiano)

Here below what the two renowed musicians said about Reference cables after visiting our "Cable Corner".

  • Walter Donatiello su MySpace...Walter Donatiello
    After trying the full REFERENCE cables series, during the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana I was positively surprised by how one cable, and I stress just a cable, could change the sound so radically, for any genre and sonic need. I tested, together with my friends of Reference Laboratory, the cables RIC-S01R an UJazz, playing the same guitar and ampli, and with the same dynamic. I discovered, at every cable change, a new sonic universe, so different and best suited respectively for rock or jazz needs, exalting the different musical approaches whose make the sound a matter of character!"

    Walter Donatiello tests the Ref Lab cable  
    Walter Donatiello uses RIC-S01R e UJazz cable


Reference Cable Corner


BackstageMan_at_workDavidCable_Test_onstageCable_Test_onstace_02The_REFERENCE_TeamIMG_6142The_REFERENCE_Team_02Massimo_Varini_&_Angelo_TordiniElisabeth CutlerIMG_6137
Lorenzo_sings_Nel_Blu_Dipinto_Di_Blu._02IMG_6280Walter Donatiello tests the Ref Lab cableIMG_6347David_Soto_Chero_&_Lorenzo_Piccioni_exibition_mainstageDavid_Soto_Chero_&_Lorenzo_Piccioni_exibition_mainstage (2)David_Beltran_Soto_Chero_&_Rodolfo_MalteseMicrophones_Corner_1800px

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