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Reference Laboratory - videotest RMC-01 & RMC-S01 Reference cables (March 2012)

Jurgern nel video-test di tests Reference RMC-01 and RMC-S01
by Jurgen
( - March 2012)



[ Back ] - home pageWe would like to drive your attention to the following review and the related video published on This high professional job was made by dedicating lot of attention to one of the issue we care more about: giving the proper value to the cable choice. The video is about Reference RMC-01 and RMC-S01 Microphone Cables.


Reference RMC 01 e RMC S01: The testJurgen - vai al profilo...
By jurgen, March 20th 2012 - In Nashville

Every musician knows that the amplification of his instrument is a key component of the final sound. The choice of the amplifier for a guitar player or a set of microphones for a drummer becomes strategic depending on quality and results that the musician himself wants to obtain. Together with these variables, the finalization of the sound is made by the sound effects and the signal processors that are something people is used to invest a lot on money. On the contrary the cable used to connect us to our sound or recording system is something e overlooked. The test that we propose today is concerns two XLR made by Reference Laboratory, a RMC 01 for live applications and a RMC S01 optimized for studio.

Reference® RMC01 - Microphone cable for Live Vocal actsThe RMC Reference 01, designed primarily for live performances, is very flexible and takes into account the stress levels typical of the stage; it is made of two conductors of 0.50 mm and a double shielding. The Reference RMC S01 consists of two solid conductors that make it a bit more delicate and less flexible than the first, on the other hand they make it possible to reduce the resistance and improve the impedance of signal. Both cables have connectors with turned contacts.

The prices of the above mentioned Reference cables are between 40 and 50 Euros and the musician must consider them as an investment on his own equipment. We compared them with a common cable costing between 12 and 18 Euros to test the differences among them. We recorded an acoustic guitar on a stereo track using the same two condenser microphones with same recording settings and analog-to-digital conversion parameters. Then we compared the common cable respectively with Reference RMC 01 and Reference RMC S01 in two different phases.

In the following video(*) you will see the complete test including deep comparison between the final signals. Enjoy your watching and listening!

(*)English translation, adaptation and speech edited by John Ryan (sound engineer consultant)

©2012 Reference Laboratory s.r.l.

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