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Reference Laboratory launces RIC01-A Double Bass cable

«Addicted to... perfection.»

Reference Laboratory launches a custom edition of the cable RIC01-A expressly designed for Double Bass application.

«Following the concert tours of some dear friends and famous double bass players» Angelo Tordini (CEO, Reference Laboratory) states «we have learned that a powerful instrument as the double-bass requires "minimal" accessories just like our "acoustic cable" RIC01-A Double Bass, which is our first instrument cable tailor-made with specific length for upright bassist users.»

In fact when you think about audio cables, the length of the signal is one the parameters that more influence the performance sound of a musical instrument, even if using high-end low-loss unbalanced cables.

Cable length optimization is therefore important both to meet logistic requirements of a specific musical instrument, gear and signal path  and to minimize as much as possible even the smallest signal loss. This is even more important for a musical instrument featuring such an highly distinctive tone as the double-bass, whose typical frequencies are included in a challenging range of the hearing power (the lowest note is E1 - approximately 41Hz. Five- stringed basses can also achieve B0 - 31Hz), in which the difference between acoustic sound source and amplified sound is very strong and often perceived from the bass player as a condemnation.

If you chose not to use expansive microphones (in order to avoid the risk of bothersome feedback) what is the solution to avoid the "midrange and artifact" sound given by piezo-electric transducers? In this context the quality of the piezo and the signal cable are the two most crucial elements.

The cable RIC01-A of Reference Laboratory, with its innovative construction and its extremely low capacity, is able to return to listening to a hugely wide sonic picture, a powerful, detailed and harmonically complete sound. It  has already shown to many upright bass players that bringing into the amp the sound of their acoustic instrument keeping it faithful to its original timbre is no longer a mirage.

RIC01-A carries the signal through symmetrical conductors, ground and signal lines are electrically identical and it delete any imbalance in the signal path and returns a more linear brandwidth over the entire sound spectrum, and keeping intact the tonal relationships between the 'fundamental' frequencies and their harmonic resonances which define the sound identity your own instrument. Despite the high impedance output typical of piezo systems, Reference Labs' instrument cable RIC01-A is able to offer a significant improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio (high immunity to hum and any and radiated fields) and to limit the effect of capacitive and inductive reactance, which is the main responsible for the loss of low frequencies. In this way your amp will have the opportunity to transmit a series of harmonics, the deeper ones, which were usually missing producing a "fake" sound and forcing you to "pump up" the lowest notes with preamps or equalizers and therefore making the sound even more unnatural.

Now, with the cable "RIC01-A Double Bass" Reference Laboratory has done more, because probably, as Mr. Tordini ironically admits «we are addicted to perfection»

Following the results of several comparative and audiometric tests and the tips of well-known professional artists, we have evaluated the optimal cable length for double bass to be 2.4 meters, in order to maximize the signal transfer and to offer highest fidelity in sound reproduction.
While it is true that the cable length is directly proportional to its capacity and resistivity (and therefore to signal loss), this must not lead simplistic thought like "the shorter the cable the better the sound quality." The length of 2.4 meters was in fact designed not only to provide the lowest possible high end frequencies attenuation, but also to ensure the maximum transfer of energy,  which is the best ratio between direct and reflected signal calculated on the wavelength of the fundamental harmonics of the double bass, eliminating the minimum cancellation of the signal. The result is a more natural tone with pristine highs, an extremely articulate mid-range as well as warm and powerful lows... well, it gives you a deeper and full bodied sound with incredible presence and note definition. The actual voice of your double bass.

RIC01-A Double Bass cable will be packed together with the exclusive Reference® Cable Bag ("Acoustic" signature), useful tool to protect your cable gig after gig from dust, damp and accidental damaging. Beyond helping you to take care for your cable as it deserves, it will let you to have the habit to store the cable properly wrapping it in the correct way and keeping the cable inner geometry and electrical parameters unchanged, so that you can benefit from a superb sonic performance for a very long time.

VIDEO | RIC01-A cable testing by Giovanni Tommaso


Inner conductor 1 Silver Tinned OFC Copper
Inner conductor 2 Silver Tinned OFC Copper
Insulation PVC double layer
Shield Tinned Copper
Jacket PVC compound ∅7mm
Length 2.4 meters
Color Bole-Brown
Working Temp. -40 +80 °C
Min. Bend Radius 8x Overall diameter
Connector 1

Amphenol 1/4" phone plug
T-Series (pro range)
TM2PJ-AU-RL , Straight, Gold plated precision machined one-piece contacs, Jaws cable clamp, satin finish

Connector 2 Amphenol 1/4" phone plug
T-Series (pro range)
TM2RJB-AU-RL , Right-angled, Gold plated precision machined one-piece contacs, Jaws cable clamp, satin finish


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