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M215CXP The Stage Monitors
The Sound Crew Series of the Reference Stage Monitors is designed bearing in mind the needs of the professionals of live applications.
The use of the coaxial transducers, the main feature of the 'CX' stage monitors, assures the point-source behaviour even in the very close field and for all the audible frequencies. The integral amplifier makes each unit totally self contained and, most importantly, rack-free.
Amplifier The Technology: CEU and Power amps
Two indipendent but identical power amplifiers drive the woofer and the high frequency driver.
Each amplifier is provided with a sense circuit that prevents clipping and limits the total harmonic distorsion figures to a maximun of 1.5% with a +12dB overload at the input of the amplifier.
The two amplifiers are controlled by a Control Electronic Unit (CEU) with the following duties:
  • Balancing input stages
  • 2-way electronic crossover
  • Equalization of output amplitude and phase response
  • Soft start/stop: prevents unpleasant "bumps" thus protecting the transducers
  • Power signal sensing and output relay control (for loudspeaker protection)
Coupled The Versatility
The MKII stage monitors of the Sound Crew Series give extra versatility to your Reference stage monitoring system thanks to the possibility to link and cascade powered and passive units.
This gives sound advantages during the setup of the stage and the possibility to recover problems "on the fly", as it might indeed! be the case during live events.
Technical Specifications
Frequency Response
55Hz - 18KHz
Input impedance
20KΩ electronically balanced
20KΩ unbalanced (non inv. pin +)
10KΩ unbalanced (inverting pin -)
126dB (continuous)
132dB (peek)
Input connector
XLR (A-3) Female
Pin 1 GND,
Pin 2 (+) Hot,
Pin 3 (-) Cold
Coverage angle
60 (conical; -6dB)
AC power connector
Neutrik PowerCon
Low frequency woofer
15", with 3" coil
AC input
230VAC (115VAC) - 600VA
High frequency driver
2", with 3" coil
(on the same axis of the woofer)
AC power fuse
T5A (T10A) - 5x20mm
Crossover frequency
W. 500mm
H. 474mm
D. 616mm
Amplifier type
Complementary, AB class,
power MOSFET stage
Net weight
M215CX/P 50Kg
M215CX 29,5Kg
Output power
350Wrms (8Ω load)
500Wrms (with linked unit, 4Ω)
Protective front grill
Black finished steel grill
with internal foam
Burst capability
500W (8Ω load)
700W (with linked unit)
multi-ply birch hardwood,
black scratch-proof finish

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