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Code RPCM01
Multistrands Speaker cable - 2x3.3 AWG12
Typical Applications : Studio wiring, Hi-Fi speaker connections, Home theater, high quality installation.

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The RPCM speaker cable series are especially designed to be used with Banana-like connectors or receptacles and also represent a nice-looking solution for power connections. High level signals have their sonic contents preserved thanks to the high quality design and manufacturing process which privileges a high number of strands of very thin oxygen free capillary wires twisted together. This means maximum sonic transparency and power transfer over a wider frequency range, and higer flexibility.

Total number of conductors 2 (2 x 3.3 mm2)
AWG 12
Outer jacket material Flexible PVC
Overall diameter 4.3 x 9.5 mm
Operating temperature range -40 / +70 (static) Deg. Celsius
Operating temperature range -20 / +70 (flexing) Deg. Celsius
Weight 89 Kg/Km
Conductor DC resistance 7 Ohm/Km
Insulation resistance > 230 Mohm*Km
Max Current 23 A

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