Reference Laboratory Looking Ahead in Pro Audio
Founded in Italy in 1992, REFERENCE LABORATORY plays now a significant role on the musical scene thanks to the originality and incisiveness the become natural characteristics of its initiatives.

PRODUCTS • Conceived and designed by a team of audio engineers. All their experience to find the brightest answers to the needs of professionals and amateurs. for any application and environment: from pro studio to home recording, broadcasting facilities and TV; from live events to fixed installations and any other pro-audio task.

ACCESSORIES • Designed to meet the needs of musicians and sound engineers. A wide range of tools where even the smallest detail - i.e. the Strapper. The Cable Drum patented is customized to pros requirements, for studio and "on the road" applications.

RANGE • Each model is designed to best meet both mechanical and electrical specifications for a particular task. The result is a wide range of professional cables for audio (microphone, instrument, speaker, AES-EBU, multicore. AC-line), video and light applications.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS • The manufacturing process of each product satisfies the demanding ISO 9002 Quality Standard. Every item is tested durin production and re-checked before final delivery. NPI and LSZH properties of materials are tested and certified by IMO.

OXIGEN FREE • Reference cables use only pure (99.97%) organ-free copper conductors. for premium signal transmission quality and reliability over time.

INNOVATIVE MATERIAL • Polyurethane improves the cable managing in hard condition (-40/+80°C) and provides more flexibility, high abrasion hardness, high resistance to mineral oils and great mechanical reliability.

LEADING THE END-USER TO A "CULTURE OF THE CABLE" • Knowledge is the best tool to make the right choices. Reference Laboratory introduced the RL Info Book as a guide to identify the most important cable characteristics to be considered in relation to specific jobs, together with the general information needed about cable terminology. A valuable help in a field where the right choice can really make the difference.

RLA "THINKING ABOUT THE APPLICATIONS" • It's the most significant key point for Reference Laboratory Research and Marketing Development; in fact it was introduced RLA (Reference Laboratory Application) into this catalogue in order to certificate “for a specific job”(application) the "right cable" thought an international mentality's approce on pro audio and M.I. markets.

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Fiere & Eventi

20-21 ottobre, 2018:
Roma Music Expo
Sala Demo Nettuno

27 ottobre 2018:
CABLE DAY @ Boschello
Ingresso gratuito
Via G. Galilei, 2
Mirano (VE)

27-28 ottobre 2018:
the total music village
Parco Espositivo Novegro
Pad, C, stand F3

11 novembre, 2018:
by Vintage Authority
Kaleidos - Via Bologna, 1
Poviglio (RE)

17 novembre 2018:
Seminario gratuito @
La Musica - Gabbani

"Cavi di segnale:
Una scelta importante"

Via Frassina, 45
Carrara (MS)

26 novembre 2018:
Workshop @MANNE Guitars
Sponsored by:
DE TONI Strumenti Musicali
"Come Migliorare il Suono
della tua Band"

Ingresso gratuito
Via Paraiso, 28,
Schio (VI)

24-25 novembre 2018:
SHG Musicshow
Stand R21-R22
Palazzo del Ghiaccio

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