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Established in Osimo (Italy) in 1989, and formerly known as "Reference Laboratory", REFERENCE CABLE S.R.L. is one of the leading AV CABLE MANUFACTURING companies in Europe and beyond, primarily known for its solid reputation in producing high quality cables in Professional MUSIC field.
Our production is 100% MADE IN ITALY and features: cables, cable Drums, DI Box, power loudspeakers & stage monitors, ¼" phone plugs, xlr plugs, round multi-pin connectors.

OUR MISSION is to deliver products which improve efficiency and productivity in all Audio/Video/Lighting jobs, maximizing signal transfer, quality and reliability, and also providing highly customized solutions to meet any professional application task, for maximum customer satisfaction, being always aimed at reaching and keeping high quality standards without cutting corners.

PRODUCTS • All Reference® Cable products are conceived and designed by a team of experienced audio engineers always focused on finding answers tailored both to professionals and amateurs specific needs, for any application and environment: from pro studio to home recording, broadcasting facilities and TV; from live events to fixed installations and any other pro-audio task.

ACCESSORIES • Designed to meet the needs of musicians and sound engineers. A wide range of tools where even the smallest detail - i.e. the Strapper. The Cable Drum patented is customized to pros requirements, for studio and "on the road" applications.

RANGE • Each model is designed to best meet both mechanical and electrical specifications for a particular task. The result is a wide range of professional cables for audio (microphone, instrument, speaker, AES-EBU, multicore. AC-line), video and light applications.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS • The manufacturing process of each product satisfies the demanding ISO 9002 Quality Standard. Every item is tested durin production and re-checked before final delivery. NPI and LSZH properties of materials are tested and certified by IMO.

OXIGEN FREE • Reference cables use only pure (99.97%) oxygen-free copper conductors. for premium signal transmission quality and reliability over time.

INNOVATIVE MATERIAL • Polyurethane improves the cable managing in hard condition (-40/+80°C) and provides more flexibility, high abrasion hardness, high resistance to mineral oils and great mechanical reliability.

LEADING THE END-USER TO A "CULTURE OF THE CABLE" • Knowledge is the best tool to make the right choices. Reference Laboratory introduced the RL Info Book as a guide to identify the most important cable characteristics to be considered in relation to specific jobs, together with the general information needed about cable terminology. A valuable help in a field where the right choice can really make the difference.

RLA "THINKING ABOUT THE APPLICATIONS" • It's the most significant key point for Reference Laboratory Research and Marketing Development; in fact it was introduced RLA (Reference Laboratory Application) into this catalogue in order to certificate “for a specific job”(application) the "right cable" thought an international mentality's approce on pro audio and M.I. markets.

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